Become a masterprinter, etcher or bookbinder

third to sixth year

During a creative workshop, children will discover at first hand what makes printing, etching or bookbinding a proper craft. We offer three active workshops for children: ‘Cast, typeset and print’, ‘Etching’ and ‘Bookbinding’.

Discover our three active workshops for children.

Cast, typeset and print

In the printing works, your pupils will discover how type was cast in Christophe Plantin’s time.

They will arrange letters in mirror image in a composing stick, make up a complete page and print it off on a genuine press.


The etching technique originated in the 16th century as a new form of reproduction graphics. Contemporaries of Rubens such as Van Dyck and Rembrandt were real virtuosos of etching.

In the workshop your pupils first take a look at book illustrations, prints and drawings before having a go themselves with a zinc plate, ink and a centuries-old engraving press.


Bookbinding used to be a separate trade. If you bought a book from the Plantin press, all you got was the printed pages. You then had to have them bound by a bookbinder. The nice thing about this was that you could determine how the book looked yourself. Rich people opted for leather covers with gold leaf, a coat of arms or their own emblem. Sometimes there was even a lock on the cover!

Your pupils will learn the basic techniques and bind their very first book.


Tip: divide your class into two groups and take it in turns to do the guided tour and the workshop.

Booking a workshop

  • length: 1.5 hours or 2 hours
  • charge: €75 for supervising a 1.5-hour workshop and €85 for 2 hours + €5 administration fee
  • maximum 12 children
  • book at least three weeks in advance through Visit Antwerpen
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