Printing workshops

Your pupils grasp the book business as they get involved in the different stages. They learn the tricks of the trade during a 'Casting, typesetting and printing', 'Etching' or 'Bookbinding' creative workshop.

Cast, typeset and print

In the printing works, your students will discover how type was cast in Christophe Plantin’s time.

Your pupils typeset letters in mirror writing in a setting stick, make a complete page and print it on a real printing press.


In the sixteenth century people bought prints rather than posters. Major painters such as Van Dyck and Rembrandt were real masters in this art of reproduction.

In the workshop your pupils first take a look at book illustrations, prints and drawings before having a go themselves with a zinc plate, ink and a centuries-old engraving press.


Books weren't bound in the publishers. After printing the owner went with his copy to the bookbinder who made a personlised cover for them.

In this workshop your pupils discover the basic techniques and learn how to make books based on their own creative ideas.

Booking a workshop

  • Length: 1.5 hours or 2 hours
  • Charge: €75 for supervising a 1.5-hour workshop and €85 for 2 hours (+ €5 administration fee)
  • Maximum 12 students
  • Book 3 weeks in advance through Visit Antwerpen

For teachers

  • Divide your class into two groups and take it in turns to do the guided tour and the workshop.
  • No time for a workshop? During a printing demonstration pupils find out all they need to know about printing with lead letters. In half an hour.
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